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After the Russian
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On February 24, at 5 a.m., the Russian Federation launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The project is suspended.

Together with the nominees and partners, we are doing everything to bring the victory of Ukraine closer, fighting on both real and information and technological fronts. We are currently directing all resources to the assistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and humanitarian needs.

Anyone who has the ability and desire to help the Ukrainian army can do via:
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Email us at info@mazepaа
We will put you in details, how exactly you can help now.
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IBAN Code (EUR): UA953052990000026007001019278
SWIFT Code of the bank: PBANUA2X
Company address: UA 01001 м Київ вул Жилянська б.126/23 кв.202
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Purpose of payment: Charitable assistance to the Ukrainian army
Every minute is precious. We will not allow the enemy - Russia - to steal our time.


The Mazepa Awards is the award of the year for investors in the field of innovation from CEO and Founder of Concorde Capital Igor Mazepa.

The award is dedicated to those who invest in Ukraine not only money but also part of life.

The professional jury together with the public will select the best figures, companies and events in the investment sphere.

Hundreds of applicants

Nominations - 10

Grand Prix - one


Best Tech Company

Nominations and evaluation criteria used to form long-lists of nominees:

  • Investment attracted in 2021
  • The amount of investment exceeded $3 million
  • Series A round or higher
  • Company orientation on developing and/or producing knowledge-intensive products with high potential; or innovation and technological effectiveness of a business idea

01. airSlate Workflow automation

Sphere Provides electronic signature, document management solutions and no code business process automation.
Investment $50 million and a $40 million Series A+ funding round.

02. Rallyware AI and HR Tech

Sphere A platform to increase the productivity of remote and distributed work.
Investment $22 million Series A+ funding round.

03. AI and business analytics

Sphere The company developed a platform for corporate sales and marketing.
Investment $100 million Series A+ funding round.

04. Grammarly Communications

Sphere The company developed a same-name app, an AI-based writing assistant.
Investment $200 million Series A+ funding round.

05. Preply Е-learning

Sphere A language learning platform driven by data-science with an opportunity to personalize the learning process.
Investment $35 million Series A+ funding round.

06. Influ2 Business process automation

Sphere A person-based marketing platform for B2B Markets to target decision-makers, capture their intent and track engagement.
Investment $8 million Series A+ funding round.

07. SOC Prime Cyber security and marketplace

Sphere The company developed a threat detection marketplace enabling researchers as well as security teams to monetize their content defending against cyber-attacks.
Investment $11.5 million Series A+ funding round.

08. 3DLOOK E-commerce, AI

Sphere The company provides AI mobile body scanning solutions for e-commerce.
Investment $10 million in round A.

09. TurnKey Lender Fintech

Sphere AI-based SaaS for digital lending.
Investment $6.1 million Series A+ funding round.

10. Creatio Рrocess management and CRM

Sphere A developer of low-code solutions for process management and CRM.
Investment $68 million private investment.
Best Startup

Nominations and evaluation criteria used to form long-lists of nominees:

  • Investment attracted in 2021
  • Investment amount up to $3 million inclusive
  • "Seed" stage round and previous ones
  • Company orientation on developing and/or producing knowledge-intensive products with high potential; or innovation and technological effectiveness of a business idea

01. Awesomic Design

Sphere The startup uses an algorithm to quickly match companies with vetted designers. Awesomic was founded in 2020 by Roman Sevastyanov and Stacy Pavlyshyna.
Investment $2 million and $125 thousand seed funding rounds.

02. Let's Enhance Machine learning and AI

Sphere A startup of Sofia Shvets and Vladyslav Pranskevichus develops AI-based imaging solutions for photo enhancement and optimization.
Investment $3 million seed funding round.

03. DressX Digital fashion

Sphere A digital store that allows to try on and buy digital clothing. It was founded by Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova in 2020.
Investment $2 million and $1,3 million seed funding rounds.

04. Field Complete Home improvement

Sphere Natives of Ukraine Roman Rusev and Tim Tesluck have created an FSM-software platform that manages field staff in the home improvement area.
Investment $1,9 million seed funding round.

05. Competera AI and pricing

Sphere An AI-based SaaS pricing platform. The startup was founded in 2014 by Oleksandr Galkin, Oleksandr Sazonov, and Andriy Mikhailov.
Investment $1,5 million and $1,3 million seed funding rounds.

06. Vymex Business process optimization

Sphere Ruslan Yumagulov`s startup develops an ecosystem product for business management. The mobile application and SaaS web platform Vymex is developed on the basis of a mathematical model that allows mass training of entrepreneurs to measure the components of their results, and will make the company convenient for qualitative and quantitative measurements in its any part.
Investment $1 million seed funding round.

07. Party.Space 3D virtual spaces

Sphere Yurii Filipchuk`s startup plans to launch the first metaverse and thematic collection of NFT. It is a virtual platform for corporate parties, themed events, and afterparty with a live presence effect in 3D.
Investment $1 million seed funding round.

08. ComeBack Mobility Rehabilitation of patients

Sphere Thanks to Illia Popov`s startup, people with musculoskeletal injuries will be able to get support in rehabilitation. The company develops smart crutch tips.
Investment $1 million seed funding round.

09. Propertymate AI and real estate

Sphere Propertymate, created by Bohdan Hnatkovsky and Sofia Vyshnevska, allows analyzing data on buyers and real estate based on AI. It is the platform for searching, comparing, and buying newly-built apartments in the United States.
Investment $1 million seed funding round.

10. Choice QR SaaS solution for restaurants

Sphere The startup develops software for restaurants: QR menus, as well as delivery and takeaway services. Oleksiy Ilyash and Volodymyr Olyanitsky launched an interactive menu service at the end of 2020.
Investment $794 thousand seed funding round.

11. Carsifi Wireless adapters

Sphere The startup, created by Igor Martsekha, develops adaptors that allow connecting a phone to the car radio wirelessly. The adapter connects via USB to Android Auto, after which Carsifi connects to the user's smartphone via Bluetooth.
Investment $650 thousand through crowdfunding.

12. Poptop Online event planning platforms

Sphere The startup created by Ukrainians Evgen Shestopal and Ignat Thorovsky helps organize private parties through an online event planning platform, operating in the UK and Ukrainian markets.
Investment $590 thousand seed funding round.

13. OVO Food delivery

Sphere The startup created by Roman Melkumov and Stepan Zinyakov focuses on vegetable and fruit delivery.
Investment $350 thousand seed funding round and a grant of $25 thousand.

14. Raccoon Rehabilitation and physical therapy

Sphere Digital physiotherapist in a smartphone, who in 1 minute will assess the current state through a questionnaire and provide a training course similar to the course from a physiotherapist. The company, founded by Svitlana Malovana, Oleksiy Radovichenko, Vitaliy Tolkachov and Oleksandr Chernegov, focuses on back pain.
Investment $748 thousand funding from the European Innovation Council.

15. Recoshelf RetailTech, SAAS

Sphere Сreated by Yaroslav Parkhisenko and Mykyta Holubakha, the startup works to automate trading floor operations. With the help of smart IoT cameras, the Recoshelf monitors store shelves: recognizes goods, compares prices with competitors, and signals the need to replenish stocks.
Investment $261 thousand seed funding rounds.

16. Skillsetter Education

Sphere Skillsetter founded by Vlad Yakupov is an educational platform with online simulation courses aimed at IT professionals. Instead of using ordinary video lectures, here participants accomplish real-life cases and practical tasks of IT companies.
Investment $262 thousand seed funding round.

18. Deus Robots Robotics

Sphere Pavlo Pikulin's startup develops robots that improve people's work in the field of logistics. Sorting robots from Deus Robots are already working in Nova Poshta warehouses.
Investment $5 million seed funding round.
Investor of the Year

Nominations and evaluation criteria used to form long-lists of nominees:

  • Number of investments in 2021 - more than 3
  • Total investments in 2021 exceeded $1 million
  • Smart Money

01. USF

Sphere Since its establishment, the fund has funded more than 230 startups, having distributed more than $6.3 million. The fund provides grants to startups in the amount of $25,000 for the pre-seed stage, $50,000 for the seed stage, and up to $10,000 for acceleration and participation in international events. According to statistics, every second startup-winner has already attracted additional investment, exceeding $30 million. Recently USF has announced a program to promote the development of Ukrainian projects specializing in cybersecurity.

02. Startup Wise Guys

Sphere The record holder of transactions in 2018-2021 - there are 25 of them. It is an accelerator that offers startups a five-month program in the early stages of development, that helps teams raise the next funding round within six months. Ukrainian startups like CallPage, Promo Republic, Jetbeep, and StepShot participated in this program in different years. In 2021, five Ukrainian companies, Finmap, Onboard, Effa, uTrigg and Workee. were accelerating.

03. U.Ventures

Sphere U.Ventures is a venture fund established by the Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF) in 2017 to invest in startups from Ukraine and Moldova, and along with the rest of the WNISEF portfolio is managed by Horizon Capital, a leading regional Private Equity fund with more than $1.1 billion for management. Well-known investments of U.Ventures are: DRESSX, Fintech Farm, OneNotary, 3DLOOK, Turnkey Lender, Mate Academy, Youteam, Rallyware, Petcube.

04. SMRK

Sphere Created by Vladyslav Tislenko, Andriy Dovzhenko, and Oleksandr Kosovan, the fund specializes in venture capital investment in startups, focusing on financing IT products on seed and Round A. It has closed 10 deals since 2018. The fund’s portfolio includes the Allset app, the security system Ajax, the content broadcast app kitcast!, the software Competera and Apostera, the seafood booking and delivery platform Seadora, Esper Bionics, and the e-commerce project LOVE & LIVE.

05. AVentures Capital

Sphere The fund is created by Andriy Kolodyuk and Evgen Sysoyev. The investment covers all software technologies, including ML, Big Data, AR, VR, SaaS, cloud, storage, web, mobile, IoT, and others. The fund’s portfolio incorporates Petcube, CheckIO, Coppertino, Depositphotos, Ciklum, Influ2, Augmented Pixels, and more.

06. ICU Ventures

Sphere ICU is a financial group of Makar Paseniuk and Konstantyn Stetsenko. It focuses on trading operations, investment banking services, and asset management. ICU Ventures focuses on late seed and Round A investments in technology companies with Ukrainian and Eastern European roots. Its portfolio includes Petcube, Hideez, Xelba, Smart Commerce, Good Money, 3DLOOK, Apostera, and Augmented Pixels.

07. TA Ventures

Sphere It is an investment fund of Viktoriya Tigipko. Since its launch in 2010, the fund had 160+ investments of more than €60 million and 35 exits, including 4 investments in Ukraine (including made in 2021): Liki24, Mate academy, RetargetApp, OVO. In the summer of 2021, it launched the first classic venture fund in Ukraine on $50 million and a wide range of foreign investors. Six months later, it announced an expansion to $75 million to invest in new areas: blockchain, metaverse, and Web3—the new Internet generation.

08. Digital Future

Sphere The company founded by Oleksii Vitchenko focuses on venture investments in the digital economy. It invests in the seed, less in the pre-seed, but only if the projects are graduates of the best accelerators, such as Y Combinator, TechStars, etc. Its recent deals include SplitMetrics, YouTeam, FriendlyData. Its portfolio incorporates Attendify, Preply, Petcube, Serpstat, Rallyware, and others.

09. QPDigital

Sphere The Quarter Partners Venture Fund founded by Andriy Ivanov focuses on AI, blockchain, game development, logistics, and Digital HealthCare. The leading partner is Nikolay Shapovalov. Among the invested startups are Wareteka,, ABM Cloud, Datrics, Raccoon.Recovery, Wantent, and Promin Aerospace.

10. Genesis/Flyer One Ventures

Sphere In the first two years of its activities (2019-2020), the international fund with offices in Kyiv and London invested almost $10 million in 15 companies, and in 2021 - signed 40 deals and increased the portfolio to $25 million. Develops portfolio businesses, helps them set up operational processes, develop a brand, hire staff and get traffic. Key investments - "Mate academy" online programming school, fast drug delivery service.

11. Adventures Lab

Sphere It`s a venture fund. The founder is Ruslan Tymofieiev. The managing partner is Andriy Kryvorchuk. The fund specializes in investing in startups in the pre-seed, seed, and early stages. Among its last year’s deals, there are the American project of Ukrainian origin OneNotary, the Narrative BI data analytics service, the Ukrainian Pibox, and the Belarusian startup Salo. The fund is also one of Reface’s early investors.
Breakthrough of the Year

Nominations and evaluation criteria used to form long-lists of nominees:

  • Company orientation on developing and/or producing knowledge-intensive products with high potential
  • Revolutionary business model
  • Increased value of equity/capitalization compared to previous estimates
  • Scaling: from Ukraine to the whole world
  • Highly publicized abroad

01. Roosh/Zibra AI

Sphere A deep-tech company specializes in 3D rendering and 3D object generation. The startup is focused on improving VFX quality so that any game could not be told from reality, and the game development process became more intuitive and less complicated.

02. Apostera

Sphere The company works on technology to transform the car’s windshield into a mixed reality screen, displaying important information for effective navigation. The company strives to improve not only the experience and safety of driving modern vehicles but also future ones.

03. Promin Aerospace

Sphere Founded in 2021 by Mykhailo Rudominsky and Vitalii Yemets, the startup develops a light-weight solid-fuel rocket. The project plans to create the smallest solid-fuel rocket capable of deploying a payload to a low Earth orbit. The first commercial launch is planned for a year.

04. Effa

Sphere Founded by Dasha and Ilya Kichuk and Konstantin Scherbina, the project creates ecological disposable goods. Its client base includes the streaming service Netflix and the hotel chain Mariott.

05. Wantent

Sphere The platform created by Oleksii Shaldenko and Artem Melnichenko assesses the effectiveness of video content by using AI and ML by analyzing the viewer’s reaction — attention and emotional involvement. It is used by online cinemas, video production, TV channels, and marketing agencies.

06. V-Art

Sphere V-Art is a platform for managing art objects as digital assets. V-Art combines virtual galleries and a marketplace to showcase and sell digital art. The platform provides NFT + infrastructure and legal mechanisms for using digital works through a licensing system.


Sphere The service transcribes video calls and generates reports on agreements, tasks, meetings, etc. It is integrated into Google Meet, G-Doc, G-Drive, Google Calendar, and Slack.

08. Datrics

Sphere Company created by Anton Vaisburd, Volodymyr Sofinskyi, and Kyrylo Kirikov develops a no-code platform for high-level data analysis without coding, which reduces the cost of implementing analytical models for business.

09. Zerion

Sphere Just as Google indexes information or Amazon merges consumer suppliers, Zerion plans to become a comprehensive portal to the world of DeFi. The Founders are Evgen Yurtaev, Vadym Koleoshkin, and Oleksiy Bashlykov.

10. Rocket

Sphere Founded in 2018 by Stanislav Dmytryk and Oleksiy Yukhymchuk, the food delivery service operates in more than 25 cities. According to its own estimates, it occupies 35-40% of the Ukrainian market. In 2021, the service was also launched in eight European countries.

11. Ajax Systems

Sphere Created by Oleksandr Konotopsky, the company develops “smart” security systems. In 2021, Ajax Systems became the largest manufacturer of security systems in Europe. The number of countries has increased to 130, and system users are more than 1.25 million.
Exit of the Year

Nominations and evaluation criteria used to form long-lists of nominees:

  • Exit made in 2021
  • Cashout or liquidity event (investment, M&A, or IPO)
  • Exit amount: over $5 million
  • Exit with success (cash-on-cash returns: above 1.0x) or short-term investment horizon

01. Andrii Kurskyi

Sphere The startup works in the retail and delivery market. Spanish DeliveryTech company Glovo (80% of which is owned by Delivery Hero), absorbed the Ukrainian service The amount of the deal is not disclosed, but analysts estimate it may be $50-$80 million.

02. Dmytro Zaporozhets GitLab

Sphere The co-founder of GitLab, Dmytro Zaporozhets, announced his exit from the company in 2021. In 2021, the company sold 10.4 million shares for $77 per share and earned $801 million. GitLab was also ranked among the top-100 best companies to operate in the United States by Newsweek and Best Practice Institute.

03. Dmytro Sergeev Deposirphotos

Sphere Dmytro Sergeev sold Depositphotos to the American company VistaPrint for $85 million, together with the company’s projects: the online editor Crello, the photo studio Lightfield, and the photography magazine Bird in Flight.

04. Maksym Zasov, Denys Khachatryan Game Labs

Sphere The Ukrainian studio Game Labs, founded by Maksym Zasov and Denys Khachatryan, was acquired by the Swedish holding Stillfront for $32.5 million. $9.75 million of this amount was paid by the holding’s shares. In case of good financial performance, the company might receive an additional bonus funding in the following 3 years.

05. Andriy Skoropad, Ivan Kohut Perfectial

Sphere The international company Avenga purchased Perfectial, the Ukrainian company founded by Andriy Skoropad and Ivan Kohut. It is estimated that the transaction amount might be $20 million.

06. Vitaliy Goncharuk Augmented Pixels

Sphere 3D mapping and navigation technologies of Vitaliy Goncharuk`s company are key to autonomous robot navigation and Metaverse / Augmented Reality. The startup was bought by the American company Qualcomm, leading manufacturer of chips, software and services in the world. The amount of the agreement is not disclosed.
Best Innovator in Traditional Field

Nominations and evaluation criteria used to form long-lists of nominees:

  • A revolutionary combination of the implemented technology with the industry (agricultural sector, energy, heavy industry, banking, trade, logistics)
  • Effect of implementation

01. Fozzy Group

Sphere Robots have become regular employees of the Fozzy Group. There, they are taught to give receipts ten times faster than a human and serve guests at the checkout. With launching a pilot project to automate warehouses, the robots were also entrusted with working with luxury goods: they move boxes of goods to the shelves. A total of 31 robots operate in test mode per 1,000 square meters. Also, they can speak Ukrainian: “Obstacle. Clear the way.”

02. Nova Poshta

Sphere At the end of July 2021, the drone Discovery of the Ukrainian manufacturer Aerodron delivered a Nova Poshta parcel from Kyiv to Kharkiv in just 5 hours. Nova Poshta is not planning to stop with this, as its goal is to reduce delivery time to 3 hours.

03. Farmak

Sphere Farmak scientists have developed a PCR test capable of simultaneously detecting and differentiating strains of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, influenza types A and B and respiratory syncytial virus. Their original drug, Amizon Max, has been shown in clinical trials to be effective in treating patients with Covid-19. Over the past 10 years, the company has invested more than $100 million in research and development of tomorrow's drugs.

04. TAS

Sphere The TAS Group is moving towards creating banks to make complex financial issues easier for customers. TAS has created a platform for creating neobanks, i.e., fintech companies that provide digital banking services. In 2021, TAS launched the izibank app.

05. DTEK

Sphere In 2021, DTEK started operation of submarine drone Chasing M2 with the goal to inspect underwater structures and equipment at Thermal Power Plants. It allowed diagnosing the condition of onshore pumping station and hydraulic valves at 3 TPPs. Drone measurements are faster and more accurate than the work of professional divers. The use of a drone is safer for employees, because the drone is piloted from land.

06. MHP

Sphere MHP has created a culinary designer for 1000 square meters. ₴25-30 million were invested in this project. It has innovative equipment and an industrial kitchen that allows manufacturing products in batches of 50 kg. Previously, MHP used its factories for such works, having the main inconvenience of forcedly ceasing the process after producing several kilograms of products.

07. Kernel

Sphere #DigitalAgriBusiness (DAB) is a comprehensive multi-level information ecosystem of modern agricultural production that allows you to plan, manage and monitor production processes and the state of the fields. DAB uses Big Data and ML algorithms to systematize and analyze Agrodata. This makes it possible to more effectively manage processes and scale agricultural production to any volume of land bank.

08. Kyivstar

Sphere The company launched targeted text messages using Big Data. To run them on the basis of a ready-made automated platform, Kyivstar simply selects the necessary Big Data filters and writes the text. This is how thousands of users now receive text messages.

09. Alfa-Bank

Sphere Alfa-Bank has launched the digital bank Sense SuperApp, which is systematically updated with innovative products and services. In particular, it has a full-fledged video identification of users, allows drag'n'drop payments, and manages bank and Kyivstar mobile accounts at the same time. At the end of 2021, Alfa-Bank was the first in Ukraine to launch the possibility of investing in shares of international companies in a digital bank. Also on the Sense platform, users can read the latest economic and financial news.

10. Vodafone

Sphere Vodafone launches Vodafone Guardian, a theft protection service in Ukraine. The system was developed by the Vodafone Group and operates in more than 60 countries. Vodafone Guardian is a satellite car security system with 24/7 dispatcher support for Ukrainian customers.
Wasted Opportunity

Celebrating success is nice and easy. Admitting a mistake is worthy of respect. Rewarding yourself for wasted opportunities means being brave enough to acknowledge them. "Wasted Opportunity" nomination is a celebration of the contrast between profitable and lossmakingdeals, right and wrong decisions, an act of respect for the ability to see the difference between one and another, the art of being honest with yourself, and learning from failures that are constant companions of great victories.

With launching online voting, the audience independently forms a long-list of any candidates for the nomination "Wasted Opportunity".

Among the proposed criteria:

  • Company/project in which it was not invested, but later this company/ project turned out to be promising
  • Suspended launch of a new project
  • Exit from a company/project that soon showed excellent financial results

Nominations and evaluation criteria used to form long-lists of nominees:

  • The company must participate in solving environmental, social, and governance problems of society, i.e., comply with the principles of ESG
  • The company should set an example for colleagues in pursuing inclusiveness and diversity (gender, age, race, nationality, and religion)
  • Workspace designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities, limited mobility, etc.
  • Participating in social projects.

Information will be published shortly.

Business Influencer

Nominations and evaluation criteria used to form long-lists of nominees:

  • Being able to influence the decisions of the audience (for example, investors - to pay attention to promising startups; owners of IT companies - to try new investment tools, etc.)
  • Being honest and responsible to the audience
  • Impartiality
  • Size and engagement of the audience
  • Being cited in the media as an expert in technology
  • Participating in educational initiatives.

01. Andriy Fedoriv

Description A marketer, Founder and CEO of creative investment company FEDORIV GROUP. Andriy Fedoriv has FEDORIV VLOG, a business YouTube channel with more than 314 thousand followers. He writes on Facebook about investments, business cases, and lifestyle for almost 70 thousand readers.

02. Serhiy Fursa

Description An investment banker, Fixed Income Sales specialist at Dragon Capital. Fursa’s Facebook page is turned into a blog on economic and political issues, which is followed by 60 thousand readers. On YouTube, he has a program "In Search of Common Sense" for almost 3,000 followers. Fursa writes columns for NV, Ukrayinska Pravda, and other media platforms. He is an author of the books "The Way Home" and "Alex. The beginning of the path."

03. Illya Kabachynskyі

Description An editor-in-chief of tech and business platforms AIN.UA and AIN.Business. Kabachynskyi has podcasts on tech phenomena "Closed Round" and analysis of business news "Counting other people's money."

04. Oleksiy Tymofieiev

Description A co-founder of investment company Trident Acquisitions Corp., an author of the Strategic Planning course at Deloitte Academy in Ukraine, a former CEO of Smart Holding. Timofieiev has a business blog on Facebook for more than 70 thousand readers, including the popular column "Tips for a young CEO."

05. Andrii Brodetskiy

Description A tech journalist, a TEDx speaker, author of Telegram channel "Technology, Media, and Society". Andrii Brodetskiy is a host of the podcast "Project Intelligence" about artificial intelligence. Former editor of Liga, Vector. He is an author of content for the media Carnegie, Meduza, VC, Republic, GQ, Esquire, Colta. Brodetskiy writes about the latest technologies in Ukraine and the world for more 47 thousand in Telegram and 11 thousand on Facebook.

06. Mykhaylo Sapiton

Description A Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Forbes Ukraine. Sapiton writes about tech business and digital transformations. He is an author of the Telegram channel about books "Booker" with more than 8 thousand subscribers.

07. Roman Sudolsky

Description An Editor-in-Chief at Speka. Sudolsky writes about investment and tech business.

08. Stanislav Yurasov

Description An Editor-in-Chief of IT media Yurasov has been writing and shooting videos on technology development in Ukraine since 2007. Even though was launched only in the summer of 2021, the website has 227 thousand unique readers and 730 thousand views per month.

09. Vladyslava Zatsarinna

Description An Editor-in-Chief at Zatsarinna has a podcast on DOU about IT events in Ukraine. She also conducts interviews with Ukrainian developers and other IT specialists.

10. Lyubomyr Ostapiv

Description An adviser on family financial planning and investments, a partner of iPlan company. Ostapiv is an author of the books "Love and Budget" and "Baby and Budget." He founded the social budget project on financial literacy "Family Budget" with a monthly audience of over 110 thousand readers. In 2021, together with the team, he launched courses at Prometheus. 11 thousand people are taking the free course, more than 300 are taking the paid one. Lyubomyr Ostapiv writes about finances on Facebook for nearly 10 thousand readers.

Grand Prix

The guests of the Mazepa Awards ceremony are extraordinary people. These are the representatives of business community, including technology industries; field-oriented journalists; experts; people holding senior positions in the public sectors. All of them are familiar with technological innovations from Ukraine and with people and companies involved in the success of these innovations. This is enough for the guests to give their sympathy for the one who, in their opinion, deserves the greatest recognition. As a result of voting during the award ceremony on, the winner of the Grand Prix will be chosen among all the winners of Mazepa Awards.


The most interesting events of the evening are often hidden behind our backs, and therefore photographers (and sometimes viewers) often do not take them into account. The award is dedicated to those who invest in Ukraine not only money but also part of life.

The professional jury together with the public will select the best figures, companies and events in the investment sphere.Ігор МазепаОлексій ДідковськийТимофій Милованов, Максим ТимченкоКирило СигидаІван Ванєєв

General Partners

Interested in partnering with the Mazepa Awards?
Please, contact us at pb@mazepaа


To select nominees, we collect
and analyze information from the following sources:

  • Open sources and secondary information (in particular, business and industry periodicals, market reviews), websites of market participants
  • Expert interviews: obtaining information about the market from industry representatives and industry analysts
  • Expertise of the Concorde Capital analysts.

Methodology for determining nominees and winners of the award

  • 2022 January – General partners form long-lists: up to 15 candidates in each nomination.

    General partners do not form long-lists in the nominations "Wasted Opportunity" and "Grand Prix".
  • 2022 January-February – Online voting begins. The audience forms a short-list: winners in each category. The audience also submits applicants for the nomination "Wasted Opportunity".
  • 2022 March – The expert jury selects a winner for each nomination.
  • 2022 April 15 – Mazepa Awards announces the winners.
Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the concentration of all efforts of the project team to help Ukrainian defenders, the project was suspended and postponed.


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